2 thoughts on “The Chapin Sisters talk Everly on NPR

  1. Hi Guys,
    Its one o clock in the morning here in New Zealand, Plugging through the endless task of converting my CDs to lossless digital – the box was sitting ripping an Everly Brothers CD when the software flagged “The Chapin Sisters” and “A date with the Everly Brothers” , I was prepared to be unimpressed – how could anyone trump that harmony…. I was stunned
    Guys you sound absolutely fantastic …so good in fact, its a bit spooky !!
    Now I need to track down a CD, Amazon USA and UK only has MP3 downloads and the sound is too good to waste on MP3.

    Cheers and thanks.


    • Dear Richard,

      Thank you for your kind words! We would love to send you a CD if you have not found one already! They are available (as well as vinyl if you are that level of audiophile) on our webstore, and currently on sale!!

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